Our Aircraft

Regular Classiso

The current regular class plane  is a heavy lift aircraft able to carry 2.5 times its own body weight. The plane features a minimally swept, linearly tapered, high wing with a conventional tail configuration and tricycle landing gear to optimize performance without dimensional constraints. This model also features a unique modular design, which allows for easy construction and in-flight repairs.


Micro Class


The micro class plane is designed as a heavy lift aircraft, maximizing the ratio between aircraft weight and payload, which takes the form of PVC piping. Without power, dimensional, or material limitations, the major constraint is that the aircraft fit within a box measuring approximately 12 x 13 x 3 inches. The aircraft features a high-lift, unswept wing and a conventional tail configuration. The aircraft is also highly modular, allowing for a much larger aircraft to be designed, allowing for an exceedingly high lifting capacity and payload fraction.