Our Aircraft

Regular Classiso

The current regular class plane  is a heavy lift aircraft able to carry 2.5 times its own body weight – a five pound increase over last year without any additional power. The plane features a minimally swept, linearly tapered, high wing with a T-tail configuration and tricycle landing gear to optimize performance without dimensional constraints. This model also features a unique modular design, which allows for easy construction and in-flight repairs.


Micro Class


 The micro class plane is designed as a heavy lifting aircraft,  maximizing the ratio between the aircraft weight and the payload. Without a power or dimensional limitations the major constraint is that the aircraft  fit within a six-inch diameter tube. The aircraft features a high-lift high wing with a linear sweep and a conventional tail configuration. The aircraft is also modular allowing for a much larger aircraft to be designed optimizing aerodynamic properties and forces, therein, increasing the payload fraction.