About Us

32 Years and Counting.
We are Ryerson’s Oldest Engineering Design Team.

Who We Are

Today, we are a team of over 50 members. Every year, we look forward to welcoming new students with an interest or curiosity for learning about remote-controlled aircraft to join.

What we do is simple: We build remote-controlled aircraft – 2 every year – for competition. Then, we compete with universities and colleges worldwide.

How we get there is more difficult, but immensely more worthwhile:
Essentially, we take the knowledge learned in class and physically apply it in building an aircraft from scratch. Along the way, members, more often than not, develop skills in woodworking, electrical wiring, computer-assisted design software programming, finance management, among many others that they carry through into their careers after graduation.


A Brief History

2017 – 2018: SAE Aero Design 2018 (West)

Regular – 6th (out of 37)P4080234.jpg

Micro – 14th (out of 16)

2016 – 2017: SAE Aero Design 2017 (West)

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Regular – 8th (out of 34)

Micro – 18th (out of 24)






2015 – 2016:  SAE Aero Design 2016 (East)

2016Regular – 9th (out of 35)

Micro – 15th (out of 19)




2014 – 2015: SAE Aero Design 2015 (West)

Regular – Presentation: 1st (out of 41); End of 4 rounds of flight: 20th (out of 38)


2013 – 2014: SAE Aero Design 2014 (East)


Regular – 15th (out of 42)







2012 – 2013: SAE Aero Design 2013 (East)

575153_518953398143019_247936911_nRegular – 19th (out of 39)